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SYLVIA is a service offering information, counseling and guidance for adult university students.
Through Sylvia you will get information on studies and studying at the University Consortium of Seinäjoki.
Contact our guidance counselors when you need counseling tailored to you needs.



Education offered by the University Consortium of Seinäjoki is adult education, allowing you to study while you work. Teaching is organized in a flexible manner, the study environment is suitable for adults, and classes requiring attendance are executed in intensive periods.

Adult education is a combination of the needs of working life and the know-how of universities. Classes are offered by five universities. The University Consortium offers Bachelor, Master, and Doctoral level classes.

Studies required for a Bachelor's degree are executed through study paths of the Open University and can be started without an entrance examination. The right to study for a degree is later granted by the university. Master's degrees have a separate admission, and the admission requirement is a Bachelor's degree or equivalent studies. The duration of studies is on average 3 years depending on your personal curriculum. Studies leading to a doctorate degree can be done in research groups of professors, doctoral schools or programs supporting postgraduate studies.

We also offer studies at open universities, universities' extramural studies, and organization-based training. Adult education is working life oriented and based on research.

Degree oriented studies

The strategy of the University Consortium of Seinäjoki has been to create adult education in selected fields, leading up to a degree. Degree oriented studies are targeted to those studying alongside their work. Potential students that are able to concentrate on full-time studying are directed to parent universities' admission processes.

Degree oriented adult education is executed through the study paths of open universities and Master's degree studies. Master's degrees always have separate admissions, whereas a path can be started without an application process, and the right to study is later granted by the university.

Open University

Everyone is welcome to study at the Open University; there are no requirements for earlier education and no age limit. Courses offered by the Open University are organized according to university curriculum, and are in quality and by requirement equivalent to basic university teaching. In the Open University you can take single courses or extensive study modules.

The Open University allows you to study in several ways; in-class studies, hybrid courses, and web courses. In-class studies are organized during weeknights and Saturdays. Many subjects can be studied partly or entirely over the internet. The studies are designed from an adult student's perspective, and they can be completed while working or attending other studies.

The Open University allows you to improve your professional skills and diversify your know-how, explore university studies and different subjects, or study with a degree in mind. At the Open University, all reasons to study are equally valid. You are not able to graduate from the Open University, but completed studies can be credited towards a degree in case you apply into university later.

Continuing education

To promote continuing education for higher education graduates, there are large reform projects under development nationwide. More opportunities are developed, for example, by apprenticeship-styled training, and new concepts of continuing education are brought into practice. These include, for example, special qualifications, and recognition and accreditation of prior learning.

Organization- and company-based training

We organize organization- and company-based training according to the customer's needs. Ask more information from Aira Metsä-Ketelä email: aira.metsa-ketela(at) or telephone 050 343 6882.

We have organized training for the following organizations and companies:
City of Seinäjoki
MAVI - the Agency for Rural Affairs
Seinäjoen Lääkäritalo Ltd
Veljekset Keskinen Ltd
Atria Finland Ltd

Other education services


Remote exam attendance

The University Consortium of Seinäjoki offers university students supervised exam sessions when requested by the student. The service in intended for all university students living in South Ostrobothnia regardless of which university they attend. The fee for the exam is 20 euros per session. You can attend your university exams at Seinäjoki, if your department/examiner accepts remotely attended exams.

More information: paivi.antinoja(at), Tel: 040 190 1824


The research hotel of Seinäjoki

The aim of the research hotel is to support researchers that are studying for their postgraduate degree independently by attaching them to the existing Epanet research network. At the same time we support research reporting by offering practical workspaces and tools for reporting on the research and the research results.

More information: Esa Vuorenmaa, esa.vuorenmaa(at), Tel: 040 190 4290


Guidance counseling

Our guidance counselors will help you with study related questions. You can also send them questions. Our guidance counselors will give you information on choosing and scheduling studies, and study skills. Students should primarily contact their own university's guidance counselor. If you're not sure of your university, you can also contact other guidance counselors. We aim to answer your question in a few working days, excluding holidays.

Contact our guidance councelors here



The University Consortium of Seinäjoki

There are five universities involved in the University Consortium of Seinäjoki: the University of Tampere, the University of Helsinki, the Sibelius Academy, the University of Vaasa, and Tampere University of Technology. The focal fields of expertise of the University Consortium of Seinäjoki are information technology applications, business expertise, food and materials technology, and regions and well-being. These fields are the base of research, development and adult education. The University Consortium is a multidisciplinary community of some 90 experts, the staff including professors, teachers, designers and researchers.



The universities involved in the University Consortium of Seinäjoki mainly reside under the same roof in Frami.

Our location:
University Consortium of Seinäjoki
Kampusranta 9 C, Frami
60320 Seinäjoki

Our locations on map
The map of Frami the University Consortium of Seinäjoki resides in section C
(2nd floor in section C, along the university corridor)

The staff:
The whole staff of the University Consortium of Seinäjoki
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